About Us


Healthkeyper is one of the largest portal covering segments of health namely Doctors, Hospitals, Diagnostic Labs, Fitness Centers, Ambulance & Pharmacy. The portal allows the users to find the right Doctors and healthcare facility on the click of a button and book appointments based on preferences, timings, fee, reviews, experience and choices. The portal also allows the user to filter the niche healthcare provider from the plethora of options available.


Why healthkeyper?


In this e-age and mobility era the consciousness about keeping one’s body and mind hail & hearty is growing but this generation of tech friendly users is confronted with issues like non-availability of time. Healthkeyper proposes to bridge this gap by bringing all the healthcare services providers within easy reach of a tab away from the needy.


The guiding force for Healthkeyper has been instances around us where we learn that a life could have been saved if the right medical care was provided to the patient at the right time. On numerous occasions we have heard that the life of a critically ill or injured could not be saved as the vital last few minutes were lost in trying to transport the patient to a Hospital as there was no other source or media available to make people aware that the same Medical Care could have been provided to the patient in their vicinity at the local nearest Hospital or Clinic, which was just a few meters away. At Healthkeyper,we endeavour to eliminate such instances which are caused due to lack of awareness rather than lack of Medical Aid. Healthkeyper  would serve as a platform to the user to search the nearest medical facility instantly & the service would be freely accessible to all as Healthkeyper stands committed to provide the best of services for finding best Hospitals, Doctors, Fitness Centers, Diagnostic Labs in Delhi-NCR. So the next time you are confronted with any healthcare issue, you can log on to Healthkeyper.com


Wishing You Happy Health!!!!