We all are well versed with the age old saying that "health is wealth" but the fast paced lives that we lead especially in metros has left us with very little time to nurture and take proper care of our health. The result of not finding sufficient time to take proper care of our health care needs on several occassions has had lasting impact on our lives with life long ailments. Though subconciously we all know that we should be alot more caring towards our healthy beings yet on numerous occassions we dont find the reliable healthcare service provider and advisor to guide us through. Healthkeyper would sincerely try to bridge this gap by bringing together all the healthcare service providers on the same platform. And you be rest assured of having a plethora of options to choose from.

Healthkeyper is absolutely free for users and this initiative of keeping Healthkeyper's services free of charge for its users has been taken by Healthkeyper's founding chairman Mr. Rajendra Singh Shekhawat. Out of the very strong urge of Mr. Rajendra Singh Shekhawat to give something back to the society, the idea of Healthkeyper was born. The dream of providing a platform where every one can help himslef lead a healthy life has been fulfilled with Healthkeyper.com.